About Us

Olive Tree Investments is an independent investment company headquartered in Liverpool, offering investment opportunities to all levels of investors. Our service is simple… we introduce clients to investment opportunities that are easy to understand and manage, but with strong growth potential. We deal with the detail, so that you can keep things simple. So whatever type or level of investor you are (e.g. sophisticated or retail, experienced or first time), we can help. Just ask us how to add to your investment portfolio, or get one started.

We believe in talking, so feel free to contact us.

Investing Made Easy

Letting you understand what to invest in and how to do it.

Putting You In Control

Flexible investment solutions that suit you.

Peace of Mind

Trustworthy security-backed investments.

Growing Your Future

Investing for comfort in the future and income now.

Bobbie Johnson

Bobbie keeps a close eye on the investment market to bring useful information to investors of all interests, investment levels and experience. He works closely with investment providers to gain a deep understanding of each investment, its background and security and its process, so that the investor experience can be the best it can. Bobbie hates the thought that what should be a welcoming place for everybody (the investment world) can sometimes be intimidating and alienating by simply failing to explain to potential investors how everything works.

Bobbie Johnson is the Founder and Managing Director at Olive Tree Investments. He has studied in the UK and U.S. for BA (Hons) and MBA Degrees in Marketing, International Business and Management. He has since worked within Property Development and later Financial Investments for 15 years. Bobbie founded Olive Tree Investments when he became fed up with people missing out on attractive opportunities because they either could not find them or could not understand them.

About Bobbie

  • Has a fiancée and two daughters.
  • Lives in Liverpool, United Kingdom.
  • Listens to all the music that he swore he never would when he was younger. Talk to him personally and he may name a few bands. Just give him a call.
  • Wants to talk about investing in a way he always wishes he was spoken to himself in the early days.
  • Is 40 this year (hug him if you see him, he says he needs it)